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The Portuguese Association for Corporate Communication (APCE) is an autonomous non-profit driven entity, independent and active for almost 20 years.


It represents and defends, in Portugal and abroad, the interests of its associates, mainly Corporate Communication and Public Relations officers and managers, including spokespersons. It is a discussion and reflection forum, open to all those involved in Communication Sciences, whether in Corporate or Academic domains.


APCE envisions itself as Portugal’s reference association in the Corporate Communication and Public Relations areas, striving for their promotion.


Its associates are corporate communicators, teachers and researchers that, through APCE, discuss ideas and gather technical information and theoretical support, essential to address the new challenges facing the job.


As core values, APCE bases its actions in:

:. Giving priority to people within organizations and the crucial role of internal and external communication in their success.
:. Promoting knowledge, experience and information sharing between equals.
:. Opening a debate of ideas to all professionals from the different fields of Communication with a contributive and intervening spirit.
:. Assuming its training functions among companies and university students, aiming to enter the job market.
:. Freely accepting the ethical conjugation of interests to the benefit of Corporate Communication and Public Relations professionals, including spokespersons.
:. Stimulating professional rigor based on truth, transparency, integrity, dynamism and proactivity.


The main APCE objectives include being recognized as a reference institution by Corporate Communication actors, to dignify and garner prestige to its associates and activities in Portugal and abroad, establishing Corporate Communication and Public Relations as a critical success factor for companies.


Others include promoting the Corporate Communicator and Public Relations tasks, spokespersons included, as a credible and certified career and forming a community of leaders, serving the job and society.


APCE also encourages mutual contact and knowledge sharing between corporate and academic sectors, promoting the study of models and theories for Communication and Public Relations.





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